Business Analysis


Business analysis skills underpin all of our work and also provide the foundation for almost every kind of business change that we carry out for you.  We investigate the work of the business, find the problems to be corrected and offer better solutions for the business activities. 

Our approach to business analysis

Our business analysts are modellers and communicators.  We use models to understand the processes, information and behaviours that make up the business.

We draw out the underlying business policies and the problems within the business, communicating this understanding so that all stakeholders arrive at the same view of their business.  

We guide the strategic aspects of projects ensuring that the right problem is being solved, and finding innovative and optimally-beneficial solutions.  

Business Analysis areas

Broadly speaking we work in six areas:

  1. Investigate the situation
  2. Consider the perspectives
  3. Analyse the needs
  4. Evaluate the options
  5. Define the requirements
  6. Manage the changes

Our business analysis services

Skilled and experienced in all major business analysis tools, methodologies and software systems we offer these services:

  • Business analysis
  • Business modelling
  • Business process improvement
  • Business process testing

Please visit our Business Transformation, Requirements Engineering and Project/Programme Management pages for further details.

If you think that our business analysis services could reduce your costs, improve your profits or provide a better service for your customers then call us on 07972 713333 for a discussion or fill in our convenient contact form.