Business Continuity Management


Expect the unexpected and safeguard yourself with Business Continuity Management 

 “Every decision you take now which does not account for all the factors in a given situation is likely to cost you later in time, money and human suffering.”

 “Dealing with the unexpected requires clarity of vision; if you are confident about what you are doing you will be able to respond effectively”

Every organisation wants to reduce its exposure to risk and to get back up and running as quickly as possible after disaster strikes.  With our professional partners Charteris plc and Coverdale Business Developments , we do not leave business continuity to chance, which is why we provide dynamic Business Continuity Management services to protect your investment.

In the hands of our proven professionals of risk management your business will enjoy maximum safety, minimum business risk, legislative compliance, confidence and peace of mind.  Our clients enjoy peace of mind. 

Our experienced Business Continuity Management consultants make robust high quality assessments and plans and use smart tools to ensure that our clients are always ready for any eventuality.

We help you to create a culture of thought and preparedness that will enable you, instantly and calmly, to move forward knowing the consequences and how you will recover.

Our solution lives within your business; after all, the unexpected may be just around the corner. 

Our Business Continuity Management offering

  • Capability Assessment
  • Statement of capability and business awareness and buy-in
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Risk register and decision support tools
  • IT Capability Assessment
  • Statement of IT capability, IT awareness and buy-in
  • Continuity Plan Review
  • Validated plans or gap report
  • Continuity Planning
  • Continuity plan
  • Web-based Toolset

To support management of business continuity and to support audits and provide evidence of compliance:

  • Continuity Testing
  • Desk scenarios and ‘blue light’ simulation
  • Continuity Training
  • Skill development and cultural change


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