Business Transformation


Business Transformation: managing change and making it stick

Our business transformation services are based on Customer Centricity:  ‘the alignment of systems, processes and people to deliver products and services to internal and external customer in the most agile way’.   

Although we are skilled in Lean Six Sigma and other business transformation tools and methodologies, our approach is flexible and tailored to your business exactly. You can start from scratch or build on existing work to achieve major operational savings and demonstrable ‘value-add’ for internal and external customers.

From helping a large local authority to secure 20% savings on its overall budget without impacting core services to developing customer metrics for a leading high street retailer our Customer Centric Business Transformation services put the customer at the heart of business transformation

Our clients have found that having an excellent product or service is no longer enough. Organisations need to totally align the efforts of all of their people to the needs of their customers or service users in order to drive efficiencies, growth and, for commercial organisations, higher profits.

Proven in the public and private sector, our cost-effective bespoke solutions draw on a unique framework that enables our clients to harness four key enablers of customer centricity:

  • Customer Experience: Using how customers and service users ‘feel’ about your organisation to generate confidence and loyalty in your service / product
  • Channels: Creating a single view of your client or customer so as to deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple channels and processes
  • Processes: Ensuring that the whole of your organisation’s efforts and work are entirely focused on satisfying customer needs and are delivered in the most efficient and effective way
  • Customer Metrics: Gathering and using customer or service user metrics to turn data into useful intelligence that enhances service delivery, efficiencies and profits

Other business transformation services

  • Change implementation planning & management
  • Organisation design and implementation
  • Benefits management
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Change management


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