Legacy System Migration


If you have any of the following IT systems then read on:

  • Hardware such as a mainframe computer or AS400
  • Databases such as ADABAS
  • Applications developed using 4GL Cobol generators (Natural, APS, AppMasterBuilder, Telon, Delta, CSP, VAGen or bespoke macro-processors)

If you are concerned about any of the following issues then we have legacy systems migration solutions for you:

  • Rising license fees
  • Rising support and maintenance costs
  • Withdrawal of vendor support
  • Diminishing efficiency of the support and application development teams
  • Inability to find and retain people with the right legacy system skills
  • Inability to repurpose or integrate with other systems
  • Inability to support business change

Our solutions are designed to protect years of investment in important ‘legacy’ business systems and applications and to bridge the gap between those and the world of modern IT – we call it ‘legacy system modernisation’

“IT investments made 10 to 20 years ago are … constraining the speed with which these businesses can change and respond to industry threats….   Modernisation is the #1 concern because companies are spending 78% of their IT budgets on maintenance of existing infrastructure.  They MUST modernise so they can free up a larger percentage of their IT budgets to manage change.”  Gartner.

With our partners Charteris plc and PKS we use sophisticated analysis, code conversion and data migration technologies to quickly and reliably transform and re-platform legacy applications.  We remove the constraints of legacy, restoring the flexibility to respond to business change and reducing the on-going operational costs of IT.

We are able to take you on a full IT modernisation journey or to provide you with independent specialised services, the choice is yours. Here is a shortlist of what we offer:

  1. Optimise your application development
  2. Migrate from ADABAS/Natural to a RDBMS
  3. Modernise your user interface
  4. Modernise your development environment
  5. Modernise your IT infrastructure
  6. Modernise your IT maintenance and support
  7. Modernise your business

Our methods and our tools are unique, our processes are almost entirely automated so they are accurate, fast and low cost and we are not aligned with any particular vendor. 

Not only do we help to address serious IT issues without draining your IT department of its resources on project work, but in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price of other alternatives we also enable you to have complete freedom in planning your IT future.

With our approach you could benefit from:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs and generator licenses to be renewed
  • Higher IT development production speed by using modern development editors
  • Attractive development environment to attract new IT people
  • No vendor lock by transferring into native (open) sources
  • No technical restrictions – for example, you do not have to stay with your mainframe (but you can if you want to!)
  • More intrinsic functions with new releases
  • Modern screen layout
  • 3-tier architecture

And what would this mean to you?

  • Remove the operating costs on your mainframe or AS400
  • Finance new software by migrating from your mainframe
  • Reduce the risk of lost productivity and data from system disruptions
  • Boost application and platform capacity
  • Enhance effectiveness of your data utilisation
  • Strengthen your capability to respond quickly to market opportunities
  • Optimise infrastructure efficiency following a merger or acquisition
  • Maximise security and minimise your exposure to hackers

We understand that a major system migration has risks for your business and is not cheap so we break projects down into independent, manageable chunks, take the time you want, do thorough, automated testing and recoding, support parallel running for a period, with regular reviews and support instant rollback.


Now that you know something about our legacy systems migration service give us a call on 07972 713333 or fill in our convenient contact form to see how we can future-proof your business.