Project Governance and Project Support Office

A Project (or Programme) Support Office is a business function providing the organisation with the supporting infrastructure and services to ensure that projects are being effectively and efficiently directed, managed and delivered.  We have worked with and for a number of types of Project Support Office, supplying a wide range of project governance and Project Support Office services.

Setting up the client’s own Project Support Office

  • Develop project and programme management strategies
  • Establish physical project/programme support offices
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Train and qualify staff
  • Equip with processes and toolkits (we have used several including MS-Project,  Primavera P3-6, QRPD)

Developing in-house project and programme management systems

For example:

  • Merged PRINCE2 with Dynamic Systems Development Method to create PRINCE2:DSDM, an agile project methodology for Bovis Lend Lease EMEA
  • Designed and rolled out PMM (Project Management Methodology) a rapid development take on PRINCE2 for NationalExpress

Our systems have been audited and commended by the MoD, NHS, NAO, DfT, Birmingham City Council and Lloyds of London

Developing the client’s own project and programme capabilities

  • Deliver practical project management training designed to ensure project managers and project team members deliver effectively
  • Run qualification programmes and training workshops
  • Run briefing sessions for project/programme sponsors to understand their role
  • Individual coaching support to project managers and project sponsors
  • Select and deploy project and programme management software and train users

Assuring project and programme quality

There is a growing need to demonstrate compliance and a risk based approach to projects and audits, often within complex structures.  We specialise in mapping the risks for specific compliance requirements such as meeting standards, Business Continuity and projects.

  • Audit of projects after completion, at end of stage or an audit of internal project management approaches
  • Develop a project culture and embed it within the business
  • Simplify project management structures

Provide specialist skills, including:

  • Develop and audit effective business cases
  • Manage benefits and benefits realisation
  • Work with senior managers to identifying and prioritise key projects
  • Organise and run project/programme start up workshops
  • Capture project and programme experience and knowledge
  • Provide a repository for project and programme experience and knowledge
  • Set up project and programme library facilities
  • Identify the links between projects
  • Manage risks consistently and effectively
  • Monitor and control project and programme processes

If you need to set up a Project Support Office, develop an in-house project or programme methodology or system, build your own project and programme capabilities, assure the quality of your projects and programmes or buy in particular project and programme skills, we can help you with that.

Now that you know about our project governance and PSO services give us a call on 07972 713333 or fill in the convenient contact form.