Systems Integration


Our role is to plan, coordinate and supervise all of the activities surrounding the integration of software programs and applications into our clients’ information systems.  Naturally, we also plan and coordinate the processes required for the provision of user applications and systems necessary for the organisation to operate.  We make sure that all of the various systems on which your business depends – data, software, hardware, communications – work together efficiently to create the maximum productivity at the lowest possible cost.

The systems integration role fits well with our strong customer service orientation.

We provide you with analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to prioritise and execute tasks under pressure, excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills and the ability to conduct research into software issues and products.

We present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language, giving keen attention to detail.

Our team-oriented approach is provided by consultants skilled in working within a collaborative environment.

We work in three broad areas:

1.  Strategy & Planning

  • Integration of new applications into existing network infrastructure, systems and software throughout the business
  • Capacity planning and the development of long-term strategic goals for systems Investigate and qualify potential areas in which to introduce Cloud services
  • Promote the use of Open Source Software
  • Assist in testing of new software, systems and applications
  • Validate new systems against functional requirements, system compliance and other specifications
  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems
  • Develop testing strategies for improving or leveraging existing systems

 2.  Acquisition & Deployment

  • Recommend hardware, software and protocols, integration products and services in support of procurement and development
  • Install and configure operating software and middleware
  • Evaluate and deploy new applications, systems software, products and enhancements to existing network infrastructure and applications
  • Analyse documentation and technical specifications of applications under deployment or consideration to determine intended functionality

 3.  Operational Management

  • Resolve application and software issues within servers, databases and other mission critical systems
  • Enhance business processes through integration and minimize the impact of integration on those processes
  • Evaluate and report on the results of integration projects
  • Implement policies, procedures and technologies to ensure system security
  • Evaluate existing systems and develop and implement strategies for improving or further leveraging them
  • Define and implement strategies for integrating operating system environments
  • Conduct in-depth tests and end-user reviews for new and modified systems
  • Communicate application problems and issues to key stakeholders
  • Monitor, test and tune system performance and provide system log files
  • Compile and maintain inventory of software and system assets.
  • Prepare and deploy images and packages for software and operating system delivery

We decommission and dismantle systems as well as build them …

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