Training, Mentoring and Lecturing


Learning on the job … and off

Most of our engagements involve some sort of skill transfer, if only to train staff how to use their new systems or processes.  Beyond this we provide learning and development (L&D) management, L&D assessment, learning design and development, learning delivery, teaching and subject formation, Training Needs Assessment, training, resourcing and professional development.

We provide these services:

  • Learning and development management
  • Learning and development assessment
  • Learning design and development
  • Learning delivery
  • Teaching and subject formation
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Training
  • Resourcing
  • Professional development

Our largest job to date in this area was setting up a Business Analysis department for Bovis Lend Lease EMEA which involved recruiting 14 staff, training, setting up professional development paths, selecting tools, technologies and methodologies, designing processes and procedures, training the business, bringing about cultural change and engagement within the business. 

Other clients want their staff to be ready to take over the tasks we were engaged to do and we provide training as part of desktop rollouts of new software and systems and build training services into all of our project and programme plans.

We have provided interim technical training managers and Learning & Development specialists to local and central government and have the capability to define your training needs and design cost-effective programmes to meet your needs at the minimum cost.

When not on project work we lecture on technical and business topics including project management, business analysis and business transformation and ‘soft skills’ such as ‘How to Get Buy-in’ and ‘How to Read Your Audience’.

If you think that your business might benefit from training and mentoring, or you would like to discuss the range of lectures and demonstrations we provide, then call us on 07972 713333 or fill in our convenient contact form.